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Core Prof

E-mail: ckcheng@buaa.edu.cn


Ph.D., University of Southern California                    2003.09-2008.08

Major: biomedical engineering

Los Angeles, CA, USA

M.S., University of Southern alifornia                        2003.08-2006.05

Major: biomedical engineering

Los Angeles, CA, USA

B.S., University of Minnesota                                    2001.01-2003.08

Major: biomedical engineering

Minor: mathematics

Minneapolis, MN, USA

A.E.S., Green River Community College                   1999.09-2000.12   

Major: pre-engineering

Auburn, WA, USA


Associate Professor. Beihang University                  2014.01-

Division: School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering

Beijing, China

Research Fellow. University of British Columbia       2010.01-2013.12

Division: ICORD research centre

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Research Associate. University of Southern California     2008.08-2009.12

Division: Doheny Eye Institute

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Research Assistant. University of Southern California      2007.03-2008.08

Division: Doheny Eye Institute

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Research Assistant. University of Southern California      2004.04-2007.05

Division: Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA, USA


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Chen K, Weiland JD. Discovery of retinal elastin and its possible role in age-related macular degeneration. Ann Biomed Eng 2014;42(3):678-84. [2013 IF: 3.231]

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Chen K, Weiland JD. Anisotropic and inhomogeneous mechanical characteristics of the retina.J Biomech 2010;43(7):1417-21. [2010 IF: 2.463]

Chen K, Rowley AP, Weiland JD. Elastic properties of porcine ocular posterior soft tissues.J Biomed Mater Res A 2010;93(2):634-45. [2010 IF: 3.044]

Basinger BC, Rowley AP, Chen K, Humayun MS, Weiland JD. Finite element modeling of retinal prosthesis mechanics.J Neural Eng 2009;6(5):055006. [2009 IF: 3.739]

Chen K, Fata B, Einstein DR. Characterization of the highly nonlinear and anisotropic vascular tissues from experimental inflation data: a validation study toward the use of clinical data for in-vivo modeling and analysis.Ann Biomed Eng 2008;36(10):1668-80. [2008 IF: 2.605]


Beijing Natural Science Foundation   2015.01-2016.12

Beihang University “Excellent Hundred Talents” Program Start-Up Funds