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Scientific research

Biomedical Materials

For the research of biodegradable polymer materials, tissue engineering scaffold materials (artificial blood vessels, artificial bones, nerve repair, etc.), nanomaterials, metal materials, related studies have been carried out on biomaterial synthesis methods and techniques, biomaterials characterization, and biological evaluation. This research focus in the field: modifying conventional biomedical materials based on novel technologies; developing tissue inducing and regeneration biomaterials; exploring molecular markers to evaluate the long-term biocompatibility and reliability of biomaterials; studying the effect of biomechanical loading on the degradation process of degradable materials with different compositions and structures; researching tissue engineering scaffolds and repair materials for vascular repair, nerve repair, and skin repair; studying the biosafety and biological effects of nanomaterials in medical implant materials such as bone, cartilage, and joints; developing genetically engineered probiotics to rationally and precisely regulate intestinal micro-ecology based on synthetic biotechnology.


1. Current investigations into magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications  

2.  Effect of microporosity on scaffolds for bone tissue engineering  

3. Immune response of bovine sourced cross-linked collagen sponge for hemostasis

4. Repair of Bone Defect in Femoral Condyle Using Microencapsulated Chitosan, Nanohydroxyapatite/Collagen and Poly(L-Lactide)-Based Microsphere-Scaffold Delivery System 

5. Research on a novel chitosan microsphere/scaffold system by double cross-linkers  

6. Research on a novel poly (vinyl alcohol)/lysine/vanillin wound dressing: Biocompatibility, bioactivity and antimicrobial activity  

7. Silk scaffolds for musculoskeletal tissue engineering